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Technical Support

In today's complex and ever-changing IT environment many companies are finding that using IT professionals from a company like Sultan Co. is a very attractive alternative to the time-consuming effort of hiring and training their own IT professionals. This could be done by using our ON CALL Technical Support Service.

According to which a yearly contract is signed between the company and client. The Client can call for assistance any time during the working hours (as decided) and the engineers reach the site within a fraction of time (depending on the distance of the client from our main office in Al- Sareem Street). This Service is a perfect solution for those who cannot afford Highly Qualified Engineers.

IT staffing allows you the flexibility to have very high skilled resources available to your company when you need them.

Contract to Hire

Sultan Co. offers "contract-to-hire" services. Under this arrangement, the client agrees to contract a consultant's service for an agreed time.

The consultant stays there according to the working hours of the client. In case the consultant is unable to solve some problem, he gets the help from our qualified troubleshooting team, who not only help to solve the problem but makes the solution within 24 hours, if the problem is not due to any hardware which needs permissions and other formalities to be replaced. In case of any problem with the hired consultant (injury or sickness) a replacement is made immediately. So the client does not need to hire different engineers for different task ‘coz they hire a complete IT team at a cost of one.

A client offer is subject to acceptance by the consultant. Contract-to-hire arrangements provide a period of mutual evaluation before a long-term commitment is made. very high skilled resources available to your company when you need them.

Permanent Placement

Permanent placement, as the name would imply, means meeting the long-term objectives of our clients and satisfying their staffing needs. We accomplish this by recruiting and placing qualified, driven IT professionals who have a genuine commitment to advancing their careers.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of the industry and our ever-growing database of contacts give us a distinct advantage when finding people whose qualifications precisely match a company's criteria. Maintaining relationships not just with our client companies, but with a vast selection of self-motivated candidates as well, helps ensure that the matches we perform result in lasting, mutually beneficial arrangements on both sides of the desk.

Software Development

We provide full-range service to Define, Develop and support software projects. Whether you have the full product specification or only the business idea, we can turn your project concept into reality. We will analyze your project in order to define goals and plan a detailed roadmap to reach those goals. Then we will develop it. So, when considering your next software application development project, consider Sultan Co. for all or a portion of the development. We work with a broad range of technology and are always looking for new advanced or hard projects. Partner with us for the highest quality software solution in any area:
  • Business Software
  • Entertainment Software
  • Educational Software
  • Social Software

Web Designing

From web page design to website promotion, Sultan Co. Web Page Design and Promotion Service, offers quality designed web sites, excellent search engine rankings, and affordable web site maintenance solutions. We cover all the latest Technologies like HTML, DHTML, ASP, JSP, Java Applets, Web ActiveX controls, Cold fusion, Flash (shockwave animation), MS .Net technologies, CGI, XML, PL/SQL and all the other sounded latest coming web technologies.

We offer affordable pricing, excellence in design, and a complete service, from registering your domain, setting up your web hosting account, web site design and development, through to maintaining your completed site.;

PC Sales

Sultan Co. offers a complete line of IT & Security Equipments from all major manufacturers. A simple desktop machine, a palm top, a laptop or a high-end server, our experienced team will handle your needs. On a budget?

By maintaining good relationships with our vendors and competitors, we not only could give you what you want, even we can give you a competitive price. We search the best price and quality for you at a fraction of time. We can guarantee our delivered products and suggest you with the most reliable products.


Sultan Co. has qualified and well experienced team to make all kinds of Installations listed below. Sultan Co. is capable of taking and completing any size of projects.
  • Networking (LAN, WAN, Fiber Optic, etc)
  • PABX (From small organizations to Large Organizations)
  • Fire Alarm Systems (Conventional and Addressable Fire Systems)
  • Surveillance Systems (CCTV to IP Security Cameras)
  • Conference Systems 􀂾 Public Addressing Systems
  • Security Systems (Alarm Systems, Security Locks, Time Attendant, etc)
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • UPS (From Rack Mount to Centralized Systems
  • Raised Floor
  • Video Conference Systems
  • Time Attendance Systems (Including the Badge Printing)